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Researchers, consultants, governments and industry currently spend time chasing fragmented freight data from different sources, and trying to understand what is of interest to them.

The data catalogue is a curated entry point to Australian freight data. The current prototype catalogue is not exhaustive. It is intended to demonstrate the potential of a national freight data catalogue and attract and encourage additional data contributors. ​

​​Our initial focus is to link good quality, open freight data in machine readable formats, with national coverage.

Please contact us if you have a suggestion for inclusion.

The prototype catalogue is built using the open-source Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN) software, providing tools for publishing, sharing, finding and using data. The data catalogue implements both centralised (held within our database) and federated (held by others) data models.

​The Australian Government also hosts an overarching open data platform at, where users can search for a wider variety of data that does not meet our criteria for the prototype catalogue outlined above.

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